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Prelimine Announces Free LitKit Licenses for Law Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

Prelimine is excited to announce its decision to provide all law schools and legal non-government organizations free licenses to LitKit--the Microsoft Word drafting and editing toolkit for litigators. Prelimine is hoping to help law students and attorneys streamline the preparation of legal documents in pro bono litigation, as well as the drafting and formatting of legal journal articles.

LitKit will assist future and current law professionals with safely redacting confidential information, streamlining the drafting of responsive documents, keeping track of and updating citations, and many more formatting tasks focused on producing consistent and accurate documents.

Jacob Field, Prelimine's co-founder, stated: "As the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionally affected lower income individuals, access to quality pro bono legal services has become vital. Prelimine hopes to lower the burden of law school clinics and non-profit organizations who tirelessly work to serve underprivileged communities. Prelimine is also eager to support legal scholarship by offering free licenses to legal journals."

If you are a a member or leader of a legal clinic, law journal, or non-profit organization offering pro bono legal services, please reach out to to request free licenses.

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